Help we need ANY size donation to finish out the Firefighter Aid Station Transport (A bad to the bone 4/4 one ton and 45 foot goose-neck) and is almost ready to be dispatched any where it is needed.  This is a new concept (my brain storm) and is going over big with all I have spoken with in Fire Service and Emergency Management. It may be the best thing since the broken stream nozzle.


This will be a close place for Firefighters to rehab and recover,   We can cool / feed / sleep / do repairs and First Aid. In addition to this we have a 5 ton truck and drop deck lowboy with hydraulic dovetail for recovering Fire Units in distress.


Our most needed asset Is Stacool vests for the HOT ones to bring core temp down /stave off heat stroke / heat exhaustion  (about $198.00 per unit). I have one and it makes the difference between sweating bullets and not breaking a sweat. I found this product let me fight fires and drag race a few more years after first few heart attacks. Safety First !


The other needs are as follows.  (for redundancy and what I don't have now)

      1.   4x6 chest freezer

      2.   Biggest BTU air conditioner we can get

      3.   One inch foam insulation

      4.   Paint and materials (to make it look Great)  Clark Tractor Donating paint (yellow/Green)

      5.   Batteries for inverter (already have two eight amp solar panels)

      6.   Battery for all size flash lights

      7.   Awning for outside care (shade) Clifford and Charlene Babbit Donation.

      8.   Large generator

      9.   Non perishable food (MRE)

      10.  Drinking water

      11.  Very large fan Read and Mary Miner Donation

      12.  Help thinking of what I have not thought of yet

The best is almost good enough for our BRAVE - COURAGEOUS - GIVING Firefighters .

Any large contributors will have there logo/name on this unit very boldly.

All contributors will get their name on this unit if you want, some will want to remain anonymous.

Give until it almost hurts

Contact information



Ray Helberg (raygun@cctc.net)

Mike Murphy (jmmurphy@cctc.net)

You can contact me at this email or Ray Helberg at Comanche county emergency management  My cell phone number is 512-308-2422


Respectfully Yours Mike Murphy